SKYWatch17 Weather App Reviews

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Almost never accurate

Weather is very tricky and I understand it can change but when you call for rain all day every day for a week and IT NEVER RAINS... you have a problem. This is just a example of how way off you folks are when it comes to anything but sunny hot days. We have lived in the Clarksville TN area for over a year and this app has been wrong more often than not. Ridiculous.

Slow,and hardly works

Freezes a lot since the update, get rid of it and off my phone, it started using too much data. The radar is pokey, wait and wait for it to load up.

Weather alerts

I am sick and tired of being forced to listen to possible severe weather reports for hours at a time. I tune in to watch Jeopardy between 5:00 & 5:30pm. Not Katey Morgan drone on about the possibility of severe in areas I've never heard of, that are miles away from Nashville! A crawl across the bottom of the screen would be just as effective, then you could break in the broadcast if warranted. I look forward to Jeopardy every day. NOT Ms. Morgan's annoying voice. She's the reason I don't watch Fox17's weather to begin with. Stop preempting Jeopardy for this. Use a crawl instead.

Weather Map

This is great. You can zoom it in & find streets. The alerts are good too.

Ahead of the storm!

I found this app very helpful. I have received several alerts well before my weather radio ever went off, allowing me to take cover in severe weather. Thank you, Fox 17!

Worst ever

Your never right. My son is dead because of you people.

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